At WaterITech we have great expertise in data analysis, and application of models for assessing and reporting the state of the environment. We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, including:



Environmental impact assessments, for example, impacts of industrial discharges, impacts of changes in land use, and impacts of changes in agricultural practices on surface water quality.

Analysis of the potential effects of BMPs in watersheds.

Estimation of critical load (e.g. Total Maximum Daily Load, TMDL) for lakes and reservoirs based on state-of-the-art models.

Analysis of potential conservation effects (e.g. biomanipulation, sediment removal, phosphorus flocculation and capping, and re-planting of vegetation) on lakes and reservoirs.





At WaterITech we have many years of expertise in application of environmental models, including the SWAT watershed model and the WET lake and reservoir model. We can also assist in migrating model setups to our Award-winning online solutions which allow us to offer:



Short-term (weeks) and seasonal (months) forecasting of watershed hydrology, lake and reservoir water quality.

Integration of real-time sensor data into






At WaterITech we are internationally leading in services relating to model-based climate change impact assessment. We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, including:


Development and application of long-term and short-term model scenarios for both research and management purposes.

Assessment of long-term climate impacts on lakes, reservoirs and watersheds.

Assessment of the impacts of extreme weather events on lakes, reservoirs and watersheds.






At WaterITech we have many years of expertise in application, modification and teaching the use of environmental models. If you would like to acquire a model set up for your area of interest, we offer a range of solutions, including:



Application of state-of-the-art 1D and 3D coupled hydrodynamic-ecological models for lakes and reservoirs.

Application of state-of-the-art eco-hydrological watershed models.

Adaptation of models to local case based on local data.

Scenario analysis based on the specific needs of our clients.

Service packages that can include model and scenario support.






At WaterITech we have skilled staff to help you with: 


Implementation of IoT-based sensor systems for real-time monitoring.

Integration of real-time sensor data into for visualizations and modeling.








We offer a wide range of data analysis and software solutions with focus on, but not limited to, the water sector. Our experts have great experience with advanced data analysis and software developments, e.g. using Python, Qt designer, QGIS etc., including:


Analysis and advanced visualizations of large data sets.

Application of data-mining and machine-learning approaches tailored to client needs.

Software and model developments tailored to the needs of our clients.








At WaterITech all our staff has a research background, and many years of experience in leading and undertaking research projects. Our contribution could, for example, include:


Participation as a partner or as a subcontractor in R&D projects.

Application and further development of ecological models for watersheds, lakes and reservoirs.

Development of web- or QGIS-based platforms for dissimilation of research outcomes.







At WaterITech our staff has several years of experience in coordinating and running courses at university level and for professionals. We also have great expertise in capacity building for students and staff at institutions of developing countries (e.g. many years of experience from Tanzania and Ghana projets). We can offer a range of courses, including:


Basic Python introduction.

Data analysis and applied statistics in Python.

Introduction to QGIS for geographical data analysis.

Introduction to environmental modelling (e.g. based on Python).

Applied environmental modelling (e.g. with hands-on exercises on the application of SWAT and WET).