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Digital twins for hydrological and water quality forecasting

A digital twin is an integrated system of models and data, which in real-time, is able to mimic key features of a real-world system such as a watershed, lake or reservoir. When coupled with local weather forecast data, a digital twin can be utilized as an early warning and decision support system.

The ASAP Platform by WaterWebTools is a multi-source integration platform that overlay with modeling, IoT, and weather data, and enables highly advanced forecasting and analysis – it is effectively a digital twin building framework for water resources.

The ASAP Platform can provide real-time and forecast data for water quality and hydrology—24/7 anywhere in the world!

Our clients and partners typically include water managers that are responsible for a sustainable use and management of water resources, reservoir and hydropower operators that may optimize operations based on our forecasted data, and the research sector that continues to work towards improved hydrological and water quality forecasting systems.


WaterITech offers complete onboarding to the ASAP Platform, which operationalizes the SWAT+ watershed model, the GOTM-WET lake and reservoir model, and the Malstroem algorithms for urban flooding. By pairing it with local weather forecasts, the platform can produce 9-day hydrological forecasts for watershed runoff, urban flooding as well as forecasts for lake and reservoir storage and water quality dynamics.



  • Real-time data and 9-day forecasts for river discharges

  • 9-day forecasts for the risk of flooding in your area

  • Real-time data and 9-day forecasts for reservoir storage

  • Real-time data and 9-day forecasts for lake and reservoir water quality


  • Get actionable insights for optimizations related to hydropower operations, water supply management, emergency responses, environmental conservation and community outreach.

  • Protect yourself, your community and key assets

  • Achieve economic gains in relation to water supply, operation costs, fisheries, recreation and hydropower (for just a single drinking water reservoir, annual economic gains from having access to operational forecasting have been estimated to be approx. $9 million)

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