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R&D projects

WaterITech is proud to offer services that are based on state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, we also participate actively in R&D projects where we contribute and further develop our expertise in model developments and applications.

We can participate as a partner or subcontractor depending on the needs and requirements of the project consortium. WaterITech offers expertise in model applications, environmental impact assessment, climate change scenarios and advanced data analysis and visualizations. We have a global scope and are currently involved in high-profile R&D activities across multiple countries in Europe and North America.

Our clients and partners are typically from the research sector, where focus is on better understanding of water resources and aquatic ecosystem dynamics, climate change impacts, and process-based and machine learning models for forecasting purposes.



At WaterITech, research is part of our DNA. We participate in small to very large R&D projects and can take lead or assist in all steps from application to project implementation. We have lots of ideas for research proposals, and a strong track record of successful applications.


  • Access to a strong network of scientists and SMEs for building a grant-winning consortium

  • Insights into a wide array of research funding options

  • Preparation of application materials


  • Leading experts in the field of modelling and data analysis

  • Research intensive CVs

  • A long and proven track-record of successful grant applications

  • A very open, responsive and collaborative partner throughout the project phase

Want to know more?

Contact Dr. Dennis Trolle to learn more about how we may be able to assist you.

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Dennis Trolle, Ph.D.

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