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Urban flooding

The township of Vejle is vulnerable to flooding both from high sea water levels and storm surges, but also from extreme rain that generates flooding from the Vejle and Grejs rivers. In other words, Vejle experiences many of the flood types that occur in many other parts of world. Heavy rain can lead to flooding in only a few hours, partly because the watersheds are small and partly because of the steep gradients. Hydrological forecasts are needed in Vejle to enable optimal operation of flood gates and early warnings for the community.

  • Project type: R&D

  • Place: Vejle, Denmark

  • Partner: Danish Meteorological Institute


Traditional deterministic hydrological and hydraulic models are computationally expensive, time consuming and difficult to apply.


A fast-running operational urban flood model approach based on the open-source algorithms in Malstroem was developed. New routines that take into account initial water losses - such as canopy storage and soil infiltration - were developed. This approach improved the ability to simulate the extent and distribution of flooding from cloud bursts.


Forecasts of flooding in Vejle can inform local authorities and communities, help them prepare and respond to flooding, and ultimately protect lives and key infrastructure. The solution developed is open source, and made operational via WaterWebTools ASAP Urban tool, and can now be used for any other location in the world.

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Contact project lead Dr. Anders Nielsen to learn more about the project or learn how we may be able to assist you.

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Anders Nielsen, Ph.D.

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