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Lake Ormstrup restoration

Lake Ormstrup is at the core of an intensive research project, which seeks to improve water quality through advanced restoration and to develop improved models that may be able to predict the effects of different restoration options before =potentially costly measures are implemented in the field.

  • Project type: R&D

  • Place: Ormstrup, Denmark

  • Partners: AU, DTU, SDU and Naturvidenskabernes Hus

  • Funder: Poul Due Jensen Foundation


Lake Ormstrup is an extremely eutrophic shallow lake in Denmark. Blooms of potentially toxin-producing cyanobacteria are common each summer, as are periods of anoxia in the bottom waters.


Lake Ormstrup is being restored by a combination of biomanipulation (removal of planktivorous fish) and sediment dredging. In collaboration with the project partners, WaterITech has applied and further developed the GOTM-WET model, which is used to quantify the effects and longevity of the different restoration approaches.



The advancements to GOTM-WET will help evaluate the degree of success of the restoration. The new model will be applicable for other lakes and reservoir world-wide, and can be used to estimate the effects of different restoration options before potentially costly measures are implemented in the field.

Want to know more?

Contact project lead Dr. Dennis Trolle to learn more about the project or learn how we may be able to assist you.

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Dennis Trolle, Ph.D.

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