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Irrigation forecasting

Water is becoming an increasingly sparse resource. This represents a large challenge for the agricultural sector, which is one of the largest water consuming sectors in the world. The Lighthouse for Water Technology in Denmark supports research and innovation actions that can help optimize water use and distribution, and has received funding from the EU REACT program to initiate new developments.

  • Project type: R&D

  • Place: Jutland, Denmark

  • Partners: Aarhus University

  • Funder: EU REACT and the Danish Business Authority


If farmers plan for and optimize irrigation timing and quantity based on plant needs and water availability data, such data must be available days in advance. But there are currently no digital solutions that enable forecasting for optimal irrigation.


In this project, WaterITech partnered with Aarhus University and key players in the agricultural sector to develop a new digital solution that combines an agro-hydrological model, real-time data from sensors, and local weather forecasts. The solution was made operational by implementing this in WaterWebTools ASAP Platform.



The new digital solution can forecast the optimal irrigation timing and amount for the coming days. The solution is based on an open-source model and sensor data that can be acquired from any location in the world. The solution can help reduce the amount water used for crop irrigation while maintaining high yields, and thereby saving water and money for the farmer.

Want to know more?

Contact project lead Dr. Dennis Trolle to learn more about the project or learn how we may be able to assist you.

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Dennis Trolle, Ph.D.

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