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Hydrological forecasting

The city of Vejle in Denmark is an area prone to flooding due to its topography. Vejle is therefore used as a test site for improving flood forecasting as part of the National Center for Climate Research hosted by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

  • Project type: Digital twin for hydrological forecasting

  • Place: Vejle, Denmark

  • Partner: Danish Meteorological Institute


The Grejs and Vejle rivers join close to the city center, and due to their steep topography, they oftentimes experience overbank flooding shortly after cloud burst events. This means that historical and culturally important buildings in the city center are at risk, and that irreversible damage at times is caused by flooding events.


The SWAT+ model was applied and further developed in collaboration with the core developers at US Department of Agriculture (USDA)– with a focus on enabling hourly rather than the traditional daily simulations. The model was calibrated against two gauging stations in the Vejle area, and then implemented in the ASAP Platform by WaterWebTools, to allow operational 9-day forecasting of river discharges and the risk of overbank flooding.



The municipality, water and wastewater utility now have access to the forecasts via the ASAP Platform. The hydrological forecasts are updated every 6 hours as new weather forecasts become available, and provide a unique early warning and planning system. The municipality of Vejle now has the option to make decisions based on the forecasted risk of flooding and, for example, operate a lock system installed in the Grejs river.

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