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Lake Almind

Lake Almind is a pristine lake in Denmark with lots of recreational visitors year round. Up to 4000 people may visit the lake on a daily basis.

  • Project type: Digital twin

  • Place: Silkeborg, Denmark

  • Client: Silkeborg Municipality


Lake Almind is an important recreational site for the Municipality of Silkeborg, and the area is frequented by visitors for hiking, swimming, and mountain biking. The lake is extremely clear and has very good water quality. Silkeborg Municipality seeks to inform visitors about this unique living system and thereby enable people to preserve its high water quality despite its popular status as a recreational site.


An IoT based sensor system was installed to collect real-time water temperature and quality information, and a GOTM-WET model was set up to enable water temperature forecasting. The sensor system and the GOTM-WET model was implemented and coupled with the ASAP Platform by WaterWebTools, which effectively comprised a digital twin of the lake. Data is shared in real-time via mobile app, and via an on-site digital info-screen, which also integrates live information from the municipality.



By installing a sensor system and applying a hydrodynamic-ecosystem model, and implementing these in the ASAP Platform, the municipality has increased public awareness about this unique system, and thereby facilitated a sustainable use and preservation of the lake.

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Contact project lead Dr. Anders Nielsen to learn more about the project or learn how we may be able to assist you.

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Anders Nielsen, Ph.D.

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